Sports Enhancement Programs

sports-enhancementYou don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the Sports Enhancement services at MyoFit Clinic!  Whether you are beginning a new sport, or a seasoned veteran, our sports enhancement programs will help you perform at the top of your game.

We offer individualized assessments, evaluating your strengths and limitations to determine what you need to optimize your sports performance.  Together, we create a treatment plan focusing on your specific goals.

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Imagine playing your sport without pain.  Imagine running faster, jumping higher, throwing harder… with our individualized guidance, we can leverage your natural talent beyond your expectations.  Most importantly, with our expert coaching, you will strengthen and improve your performance while reducing risk of injury and learning ways to reduce future injury.


So, what is your sport?  We have expert clinicians ready to help you excel!

Golf: Strengthen your core muscles, rotational flexibility, power and swing speed in order to drive the ball farther, with more accuracy and without pain

Basketball:  Jump higher, improve agility and speed, improve lateral stability for defense, and reduce risk of ACL or Achilles tendon injury

Football:  Build strength, power and explosivness.  Improve balance, accuracy and speed through ployometric and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Throwing/pitching:  Strengthen the rotator cuff, improve flexibility and range of motion of the throwing arm, and improve pitching speed and accuracy

Running:  Improve muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, lung capacity, reduce injury, and improve speed and form


Training techniques and treatments MyoFit Clinic uses to improve sport performance:

Plyometric Training:  Utilize jump training to improve strength, speed, jump height, ankle, knee and hip stability.  Increase the speed of your fast twitch muscle fibers for greater athleticism in your sport.  Sculpt power muscles in your legs while challenging your cardiovascular capacity

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): HIIT is a training idea in which low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals.  HIIT can be applied to running or to exercises such as squatting. HIIT is considered to be much more effective than normal cardio because the intensity is higher and you are able to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning more fat than ever before. This tripe of training will leave leaner and more explosive than ever before!

Weight Training:  Ever wonder how to properly strength train?  Let our experts guide you through supervised, assisted weight training.  We utilize science to get the quickest results for muscle power, strength and endurance.

Kinesio Taping:  Ever wonder what that bright colored tape your favorite volleyball or track athlete is wearing?  It’s probably Kinesio Tape!  Kinesio tape is a thin, stretchy, elastic tape that benefits a variety of muscular and sports injuries and has been proven to reduce inflammation.  Benefits of Kinesio tape include: pain relief, reduced inflammation, reduced muscle spasm, improved muscle recovery, joint support, postural awareness, and improved blood circulation.  Let our experts show you how Kinesio tape would benefit your sports performance.

Dry Needling/Intramuscular Stimulation: Dry needling/IMS is a unique procedure that targets muscle function to improve tissue healing and muscle restoration.  When combined with proper nutrition, stretching and rest, dry needling has been shown to reduce pain and improve muscle recovery.