Why Is Physical Therapy A Good Choice?

Did you know that more than half of all Americans are suffering from some sort of pain? This may be both acute and chronic pain that has lasted for months, years to even decades. At MyoFit Clinic we are very strong advocates to treat the symptoms. A recent ABC News/ Stanford study had revealed that pain in American has become an increasing problem.

The increase in problems for pain management has not led individuals like you to seek out more sustainable long term care such as Physical Therapy clinics near you. Rather we may have been driven to care for our pain with medications such as topicals and ingestible over-the-counter medications. However, most do not know that Doctors of Physical Therapy have been well equipped to not only treat your current pain but also figure out the source. Pain management is more than medications, it’s seeking a Physical Therapist that is able to treat you in your daily lives and help recognize the source of pain and how to manage then move beyond.

Many more Americans find that their first option of care is surgery. This is not the case. At MyoFit Clinic our Doctors of Physical Therapy always encourage an initial evaluation. MyoFit Doctors can evaluate, diagnose and work with your current physicians on the best course of action for your healthcare needs. Our network of health care physicians helps treat you with or without insurances. Connect with us and we are more than happy to help you review what your current network covers if you are insured.

As experts in support of your neuro-musculoskeletal disorders, our Physical Therapists are nearby to manage your symptoms. Pain management is often accompanied by correcting movement in your body and your local Physical Therapist is able to help correct and relieve pain, long term.

Check out this video about our patient and how she was able to avoid surgery again! 

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