Of all the joints in your body, the shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion.

Because of its incredible mobility, it is more likely to be injured or sustain painful problems. And when it does become painful, it impacts almost everything you are trying to do.

Shoulders sustain sprains and strains, dislocations, tendinitis, torn rotator cuffs, bursitis, frozen shoulder, fractures, arthritis, and a host of other injuries and conditions.

Where do you look for relief from shoulder pain?

Too often when twinges of pain erupt from the shoulder, busy people just ignore it and push on through their day. The next day hurts even more, so they take a few pain pills and continue without seeking help or they seek out a surgeon who can only provide surgery as an option when they actually don’t want or even need surgery. Orthopedic surgeons have never physically made anyone ever use their arm again, that’s not what they do, they provide surgery. The physical therapist that the surgeon owns (illegal in most states, see Stark Laws) also only sees people who have already had surgery and not equipped to help you avoid surgery. So if you are looking to avoid surgery see an independent private physical therapist first for the best chance to avoid surgery. 

What to expect from Physical Therapy and how it can help your shoulder pain

When you consult with a doctor of physical therapy first at MyoFit Clinic you can expect that your symptoms will be immediately reduced conservatively that day. During your initial evaluation, you will be diagnosed so the cause of your pain can be determined, and then provide immediate effective treatment to reduce your symptoms the same day. 

A combination of hands-on treatment to loosen the muscles and joints and combine it with massage, dry needling, laser therapy, and moist heat treatments. Add to that mobility and strengthening exercises along with training and education on how to decrease the pain naturally and you are well on your way towards recovery! Doing nothing or trying to avoid your pain will ultimately make things dramatically worse.

It takes time for your shoulder to heal. It is important that you move at the pace your physical therapist advises because you need to avoid re-injury as you work to regain normalcy.

Our physical therapists at MyoFit Clinic provide private care that can help you heal from your shoulder pain while avoiding surgery, saving you money, and return you to your normal life. Just leaving your shoulder alone hoping it will heal won’t help you at all. Physical Therapy first!

Dr. Adam M. Cramer, PT, DPT, is a shoulder specialist and owner/founder of the MyoFit Clinics in Chardon, Ashtabula, and Middlefield, Ohio. MyoFitClinic.com