A few Holiday Tips to Support you If You’re Experiencing Headaches, Dizziness, and Neck Pain 🎅

As more American’s work from home and with local restrictions regarding COVID we find ourselves sitting more, not exercising as much, and certainly unable to explore the outdoors enough.

Are you experiencing dizziness, brain fog, and headaches from neck tension? 🤕

😩 Commonly individuals may find themselves stretching muscle groups in their upper traps or levator scapulae around your upper neck to provide temporary relief. Though it doesn’t fix the symptoms actually at the base.

Too often more commonly, individuals find themselves visiting a local business for massage therapy – which is also another temporary relief.

So, what should you do?!

First, you should actively support the neck muscles through contractions not just stretching or massages.

Tissue groups respond to load during the contraction of muscles that are attached to your cervical spine. Contractions of the muscle groups allow you to gain neuromuscular control to induce positive pain relief.


Certain cervical stretches by applying force to your head with your hand will allow you the ability to best control the stretch.

Next, eye coordination and stability. 👀


Your eyes are connected to the nerves that support the sensation in your neck. Tiredness, straining your eyes from screen work, and fatigue from being seated will cause neck tensions that cascade into headache and dizziness.


Take a walk every 30 minutes you are seated, stay hydrated, and focus on movements throughout your day.

Lastly, you’ve guessed right – more stretching! This time in your upper back, or medically known as your thoracic spine.

Seated right below your neck and adjacent to your ribs exercises targeting your thoracic spine will allow you to reduce upper next pain and headaches.

Final Notes From Dr. Adam & the MyoFit Clinic team: allow more time to yourself every day to exercise, stretching, and taking care of your body. We accept all insurances and as we near the end of the year let’s start 2021 by Moving Forward.  Speak with us, we can help!😁

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