Feeling pain in your neck and shoulder from overstretching to reach the seatbelt, grabbing something from a high shelf, or pain in your back hamstring from running. Chances are you are experiencing muscle strain
because you have stretched the muscle beyond its limit causing sharp pain.

According to Mayo Clinic, muscle strain is an injury to a muscle or a tendon (the fibrous tissue that connects muscles to bones). Muscle strain can cause discomfort and/or difficulty in movement. Symptoms may

– Muscle Weakness: This would be the lack of strength in your muscles. If you suffer from lifting minor items over 5lbs. Our PTs can help diagnose and help you recover.
– Limited Range of Motion: This maybe overuse of a certain repetitive motion, or inability to reach for objects. Inhibiting your daily life.
– Muscle pain or tenderness: Find yourself where a certain area of your body feels more tender to the touch? This could be a cause of both tension and stress.
– Swelling in the pain area – excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues resulting in puffiness.
– Muscle Spasms – Involuntary contractions of a muscle.

Common causes that lead to acute muscle strain are:

– Improper or no warm-ups before exercise
– Poor body mechanics – the way we move in our daily lives
– Lifting a heavy item

Chronic muscle strain can occur by stressing an injured muscle by doing the same motion over and over. If you are experiencing muscle strains from any of your daily activities or workout routines contact your
the nearest physical therapist at a Myofit Clinic here in Ohio. During your initial one on one appointment with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, we diagnose, evaluate your symptoms and suggest a specific plan
to target the pain you are experiencing. For example, we will provide tips on how to have better posture or provide stretches you should perform every day or before physical activity.
By working with one of our dedicated physical therapists we hope to reduce your pain, increase mobility and assist with pain management. We focus on developing a treatment plan to prevent injury and strains to
your body. Start your journey of a pain-free life at Myofit Clinic.

Whether you have insurance, planning a cash/ credit payment or a Veteran of the United States Armed Services we care able to care for you at our local Physcial Therapy Clinic. Stop living in pain, we have solutions for you. Visit it us at www.myofitclinic.com, and one of our 3 convenient physical therapy clinics. 

If you are in need of a mobile physical therapy visit we offer those services as well!

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