TELEHEALTH and E-VISITS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE!! All our MyoFit Clinics in Ashtabula, Chardon, and Middlefield will remain open to our respective communities to provide medically necessary Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services as an essential service provider in Ohio. We as providers have an obligation to serve our communities to ensure they have access to treatments that will improve their quality of life, maintain independence, and reduce the risk of side effects immobility by being limited to their homes at this time.

E-VISITS are normal one on one therapy treatment sessions with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapist or Speech Pathologist which are performed through a simple video conferencing app on a smartphone, tablet or computer. There are no extra charges, HIPAA compliant and covered by insurance.

We are transitioning all of our clients to E-Visits who are able to do so. Clients who are unable to transfer due to technological limitations and who require higher levels of skilled care can remain in the clinic in a private room, one-on-one setting where the clinician and client take the appropriate precautions.

The safety of our clients and staff is our main concern. We have enabled our team members to work from home, we are limiting how many clients can come into the clinic at once, all clients will always receive one on one care as normal, our therapists take precautions involving direct care including use of masks, gloves and treatment distancing. Clients and our team members are screened daily and required to stay home they are experiencing any symptoms. We will have modified clinic hours at all locations during this time to accommodate our community members.

If you have any questions or know anyone who would benefit from physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy please call us in Ashtabula at 440-993-1004, Chardon at 440-286-1007. Middlefield at 440-632-1007, email us info@myofitclinic.com, you can also message us via Facebook and Google.

As a local small business community healthcare provider, we are here to assist in any way possible. Thank you to all our clients and community members who can continue to support our local small businesses during this time. Thank you:-)

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