At MyoFit Clinic we know what pain is about. Over 50% of the United States experiences some sort of pain. We’re going to dive deep into understanding the various types of pain that you may be feeling, how they’re potentially developed, and then lastly with the issues of pain how your local Physical Therapist can help you make a correction to the long term pain-free living without surgery.

The first type of pain many of us have experienced is an acute type of pain. This is typically sudden and has the potential to go away and improved over time. The typical type of acute pain may include;

  • Broken bones,
  • Surgery,
  • Cuts & burns etc.

With many of these acute pains may not always need treatment – things heal over time pending the extensiveness of your injury. With an indication that the body is looking to heal the pain, your experience is a warning sign. A physical therapist is able to diagnose, provide care, and provide options for care.

When it comes to pain there may be major changes in your daily lifestyle. Using scientific evidence, the latest tools, and support of a team of Physical Therapists we help patients manage their pain without the use of medications such as opioids.

Whether you have a sports-related injury, work-related issues. MyoFit Clinic doctors are able to support you through your insurance plans.

Let us discuss the second type of pain; chronic pain. This is generally more related to longer-term health issues that may be a factor of chronic inflammation, nerve sensitives, or traumatic injuries.  Types of chronic pain factors include symptoms such as;

  • Pain that lasts more than several months,
  • Widespread physical pain,
  • Hypersensitivity such as walking or doing daily activities.

Chronic pain issues may be diagnosed by your local Physical Therapist through a series of questions such as;

  • Location of the pain and it’s radiating areas,
  • How long the pain has been there and the discomfort it causes,
  • Your medical history.

Along with a discussion of your pain, the doctors at MyoFit Clinic may order imaging to best pinpoint the causation of your pain to provide the best level of care. Our solutions such as dry needling have been proven with evidence to help reduce the pain you’re in.

If you’re experiencing or have been previously diagnosed with one of the following chronic medical conditions, we can help. These are some examples.

  • Diabetes,
  • Traumatic Injuries – Work, Sports or Personal Injury related,
  • Fibromyalgia

So know that the doctors of Physical Therapy at MyoFit Clinics can help you however severe it may be. We hope you take a moment to review a client testimonial here.