Are you still dealing with pain? During these times we wanted to reach out and let you know your Doctors of Physical Therapy are still here to support you.

We have implemented measures to keep you and your loved ones safe from online telehealth & in-person care while maintaining social distancing with a mask during your visit.


Free-From-Pain Today!

The important thing to note for all you busy working bees out there!!

1. If you’re looking to get surgery, did you get a second opinion from a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy? Just because you’ve experienced short & long term pain doesn’t mean it takes equally the same about of time to relieve the symptoms.

In fact, just check out how we help this patient on a road to recovery!

⭐️She’s been to a specialist for her pain. But her mobility was never the same.

⭐️Doctors at MyoFit Clinic were able to help her readjust and both how to mentally & physically deal with her pain.

⭐️She has had debilitating pain that initially cost her a higher quality of life. Now she’s sleeping better and doing more every day!

Your body is more resilient every day. It takes little steps to work towards the same end goal of being pain-free.

Chronic pain, as detrimental. But YOU do not need to live in pain every day.

Let our team at MyoFit Clinic and doctors help you overcome your pain and provide an assessment today. We’re here and ready!

Reply here if you’d like us to help set up your appointment to get moving ‍♀️ and staying healthier this summer !!

We applaud you for taking the first steps  & all patients receive a complimentary face mask during your visits.

Each of our locations is still open for consultations. MyoFit Clinic takes all insurances.