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What Does Ultimate Freedom Mean?
What does it mean to continue in pain? If pain stops you from continually doing what you love then are you really enjoying yourself?
Growing up I’ve dealt with multiple injuries. Sprains from sports, twisting something funny from running to “pulling,” a certain muscle countless times during a workout. Good or poor training habits, being prone to injuries happen. Stop giving up and start taking action today.
If you’re experiencing pain, unaware of what to do, call me at one of my MyoFit Clinic locations, and let’s talk.
Here are 6 of my FAVORITE workarounds to pain so you do not stop exercising and taking care of yourself. Keep the following items in mind.
1. Modify your weights to start. Especially with COVID during these times if you have not been active for some time. We recommend lower weights and sets to progressively increase your sets over time. Slow down and feel how your body is reacting to your movements.
2. Perform isometric movement. What this means is to apply stress to your joints and muscles without full ranges of movements. Research and evidence-based studies have shown that a lower amount of weights, over time with isometric movements can reduce pain effectively.
3. Switch things up! Do you find yourself standing a lot or seated a lot? Work for the same muscle groups on your body to your daily routine that performs the same exercise. These variations may be your stretches, leg workouts, arm workouts, and typical activities without sacrificing your daily routine.
4. Train supporting muscles and joints. If your elbow hurts, working on muscles at the wrist and shoulders can support helping your elbow feel better.
5. Personal massages. If you’re taking an anti-inflammatory, pain reducers, topical items daily give your body a break. Self-administered massages allow you to control how much pressure you’re applying to a certain muscle group or joint. Doctors of Physical Therapy at MyoFit Clinic uses evidence-based science that can support you in the best direction for controlling and can show you how to perform these at home.
6. There’s one more!!! Rest. Give yourself a well-rounded amount of activity, but also rest.
Then ultimate freedom will follow. Pain and injuries are hard to overcome without proper educated support. At MyoFit Clinic we know we can support you once you’re ready!!
MyoFit Clinic has served thousands of patients since 2014 across 3 clinics in the Greater Ohio area. Let us support you and reach out to this email or share it with a friend on how we can help!
Dr. Adam Cramer
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