Are you working from home, sits a lot and someone who has left the personal health box unchecked for too long? What sort of balance do you have so far in your daily life?

As physical therapist I see this too often.

We’re moving, moving and then when the pain beings we are then in a rush for immediate remedies that aren’t the best for us or masks the underlying health conditions.

These items all come at a cost and I hope to continually support you at home so we only see you when you need us.

Stop telling yourself;

🕒I can do that later

💸I can hire someone for my yardwork

🥅I’ll start once I hit a certain goal

🏋️Maybe when I get a gym membership

💪Your body needs YOU! So the best thing to do is to act now! Your health will always be essential. I’ll be checking in on you.

I’d like you to begin by incorporating the following active modalities instead of the passive modalities into your life today.

Passive Modalities are;

  • adjustments
  • massage
  • pain meds
  • creams

Do not put a bandaid on top of your pain. Treat the body before symptoms arise.

Active Modalities are;

  • Strength Training
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Progressive Overload
  • Goal-Specific Exposure to activities you want to do

Stay active especially before the festivities come next month. MOVE FORWARD – rake the yard, wash your car, have more movement in your life

At MyoFit Clinic we hope to continually cover your questions and create more strategies and tips to staying healthy! Email us at Info@MyoFitClinic.com for continuous ideas and we’d love to support you!

Dr. Adam