If you’re seated right now and dealing with body aches – DO THESE 5 THINGS!!!
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Support your health this year and do the following 5 things and be free from pain to keep moving forward. At MyoFit Clinic we believe you can live pain free and if you don’t do anything nothing will change. That’s the TRUTH!! Why avoid it?! 🤦
We get it. You tell yourself.
➡️I’m busy,
➡️This can wait,
➡️I can do it next week,
➡️My doctor said surgery is my only option.
You don’t have superpowers, we have super science 😉
It’s too often we put ourselves on the back burner and wait until things get worse.
Are you juggling being a parent, 👪working, and trying to do it all while pain consumes you? Do the following 5 things and we guarantee that it will change the way you perceive pain.
If you say….
“I won’t let pain stop me.”
Well, it does unfortunately, we’re not getting younger. Approach the symptoms OR if you aren’t dealing with pain, great. Prevention is critical to being pain-free.
“I can sleep it off.” 😴
Movement is healthy for you, it’s what our bodies are meant to do. Change your routine. If you sit a lot, get up! Relaxation is great at reducing stress and pain but it does not stop the pain. Change how you do things on a daily basis.
“I’ll do something next weekend.”
What about this weekend. I’m doing squats as I write this. What are you doing? Start today, do not put off pain even if it’s tolerable.
Change your thoughts, deal with it now, and don’t let the pain consume you.
“I can take control of my pain.”
It’s okay to have expert support, our Doctors in Physical Therapy at MyoFit Clinic use the latest in science to provide you the opportunities of all the things you can do. Allowing pain to consume you will never change your life.

The community needs you. You need to take care of yourself! Change your mindset.
“You’re resilient.”
Yes, you are but our body can only adapt to the stressors you place on it. From the muscular & skeletal portion of your body.
You can do powerful things, control your body, and ease the pain.
At MyoFit Clinic – since 2014 – 3 clinic locations and a staff of 20+. We know a thing or two about pain and we’re here to continually serve you. Love us if you’ve found this help full & share with a friend!! ❤️❤️❤️

Let’s all keep moving forward and leave a quality of life that is pain-free!!
Email us today at info@myofitclinic.com let’s start a discussion and create a path to being pain-free today. We accept all insurances!!