Today, we will focus on the role of Physical Therapy in treating chronic pain syndrome. In MyoFit Clinic, our team of experts is trained to give the best care for those who are been suffering from chronic pain that has been too long to ignore. Our MyoFit Clinic provides one-on-one physical therapy solutions by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy or by a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in a brand new state of the art clinic in Chardon and Middlefield, Ohio in Geauga County! Did you know that all of our Physical Therapy solutions and treatments are covered up to 100% through most if not all medical insurances including Medicare and Medicaid!

Let’s talk about the role of physical therapy in treating chronic pain and giving relief to our patients that has been suffering for too long. Patients who are suffering from chronic pain syndromes are usually those who cannot manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fitness. With this, they are more susceptible to pain and injury because of weakened tissues and joints. 

We have encountered patients that have extreme forms of chronic pain cannot tolerate even the slightest touch of the therapist. With this happening, the physical therapist must earn the patient’s trust and belief that. A belief that the therapy will yield positive results in reducing the pain, is achievable with the right treatment and there is progress. Even it can take some time as chronic pain management needs a lot of time and patience to be able to achieve a long-term positive outcome.

The patient will receive from the physical therapist a combination of light massage, stretching, to be effective in treating chronic pain. In some cases, a mixture of different treatments is introduced, including the moist heat procedure, hydrotherapy if needed, the therapeutic use of ice, laser therapy, and electrical stimulation and ultrasound. Each of these procedures can help to relieve the tension, reduce inflammation in the area, and even edema, this can also relax the tense and spasmodic muscles.

After finishing the introduction of procedures and stimuli, a low impact intensity exercise will be helpful to the program. If however, the pain starts to persist at a high-level rate. It will be best to shift the focus to the other area where the pain is not being experienced by the patient and start focusing on exercising to strengthening the core. The whole idea of doing physical therapy is to establish a routine that can gradually increase in exercising with more intensity to eventually get into a level of comfortable pain management. With all this, as the program working well with the patient, the physical therapist can shift to a wider range of treatment protocols.

Dr. Adam M. Cramer DPT, is a licensed Doctor of physical therapy, exercise specialist, and owner of MyoFit Clinic in Chardon, Ashtabula, and Middlefield, Ohio. References available at MyoFitClinic.com