It’s FRI-YAY!! Let’s have a discussion about your shoulders! From tearing all

Your shoulders are the most flexible and moveable joint in your whole body, it consists of bones, muscles, tendons, and joints. This means that there will be several ways the shoulder can be injured and cause pain in any age group. There is a lot of factors that can contribute to your shoulder pain.

Here are some causes of Shoulder Pain that you should look out for:

A sudden incident of injury can occur at any time of the day that can cause shoulder pain. Also, repetitive movements can gradually cause our joints, muscles, and tendons in the shoulder to hurt. Physical Therapy can target these several specific conditions that cause pain in our shoulder area. A Physical Therapist is well-versed in handling patients with different shoulder pain and can make a customized program that suits your specific needs. Sitting at home working during the pandemic also restricts a lot of your daily movements in the upper body.

A torn cartilage can manifest in several painful symptoms to the shoulder. These can include a range of motion, a decreased mobility in your arms. Seeking physical therapy can provide pain relief right away.

Tendonitis is a condition where your tendon gets irritated or inflamed. The pain that will be felt from this is dull and it feels like it is radiating. The area will feel hot to touch.

A frozen shoulder is a condition that that usually comes and goes, in some people, it does resolve itself in a few years but some need to have it checked with a physical therapist and get on with a good physical therapy session.

The basic sprains and strains affect any ongoing shoulder pain if not being treated early which can be a struggle for your daily activities. When suffering from a minor sprain or strain, one can try to handle the comfort of your home. Those who are suffering from more serious and severe pain will often require physical therapy to feel better.

A physical therapist can help with all of these examples of aches and pain that you can face in your daily life. They can also help to improve your body’s flexibility and range of motion in the long run. At MyoFit Clinic, our trained physical therapist can implement different types of manual therapy that usually include; kneading and massaging some of specific joints, tendons, and muscles in the shoulder area. With the pandemic going on, our clinic offers a safe place to get treated. If you would not like to live your home and wanting to stay safe during this season, our telehealth and E-visits are now available.