With all the stress that we’re facing right now and this pandemic situation that takes a toll on our mental, emotional, and even physical health.

Our bodies are meant for movement and since being in quarantine and working from home, our physical movement has significantly decreased to almost non-existent. If you are now experiencing aches and pains in our body, which can make our daily life uncomfortable, it’s time to move! 

To help reduce these kinds of issues that can re-occur while working at home. We recommend a set of simple exercises that you can do at home.

You don’t need to be a yoga guru or an athlete to reap the rewards. Focusing on the movements and stretching the right part of your body is the key to feel relief and can be beneficial to improving your posture! Sounds good, right?

Let’s start stretching! You will be needing a chair for this stretching, so make sure to grab one. Make sure to relax and breathe throughout your stretching. 

  1. Do a kneel in front of a chair about a foot away from you
  2. Place both of your elbows on the chair
  3. Place your hands together pointed up and slowly bend over slightly
  4. Finish this exercise by arching your back slowly with steady breathing going up and down

The next set of exercises will help you improve your body’s capability to be flexible with the following simple steps that can both be healing for your body and prevent more pain. 

  1. Lay on your side in a comfortable area – such as your bed or a flat yoga mat. To feel more relaxed, we recommend doing this in a place that you feel at peace and sacred.
  2. Now bend your knees in a fetal position, breathing slowly throughout the stretching.
  3. Rest your head on a pillow and relax.
  4. With your arms extended together, open your palms up 180 degrees back, and repeat.

Here is another good set of exercises to release the build-up tension that you are feeling in your spinal area. Follow these steps to ease and relax the area:

  1. Start by being on your knees and hands, all fours in a crawling position. Start relaxing with your breathing and follow the next step.
  2. Slowly spread your fingers apart to distribute the weight of your body.
  3. Both of your knees should and hips apart.
  4. Do a deep belly inhale to arch your upper back up with face down, exhale and arch your lower back down and face forward.

We do hope that these exercises made you feel better not only physically, but with your overall being. We know that the staying-at-home with minimal movement can take a toll on our bodies. Don’t forget to stretch and move whenever you have time to while working from home!

If you’re looking for physically therapy support, or how you can do more stretching from home contact one of our Doctors at MyoFit Clinic today!